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 Server Rule's

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PostSubject: Server Rule's   Mon Oct 27, 2008 8:41 am

Here is a breakdown of the rules of the server...

1..Walljumping (this is jumping over a wall before things have been built or dynamited or tank blast)...
Actions to take...
1st offence warn 2nd offence kick 3rd offence..tell higher admin or above for possible 1 day ban!!!

2...Spawn kill with heavy weapons.. Light weaps only!!!
Actions to take
1st offence warn...2nd offence kick 3rd offence again tell higher admin or above for a poss one day ban...

3...Excesive swearing 1st offence warn... 2nd offence Mute 3rd offence kick...if it continues tell higher admin or above for a poss one day ban..

4 XP whoring..(creating xp points by randomly laying medic packs or ammo packs by spawn ports)
1st offence Warn.. 2nd offence reset xp.. 3rd offence kick...if it continues tell higher admin or above for a poss one day ban.

5... Admin abuse If you are found to have abused your admin powers. Your admin will be stripped for one week... if you are found to abuse your admin rights again you will be kicked from the clan.. there is no third chance

6.. No Clan tag while on the server Apart from leaders and owners..and also co-leaders if you are found to be on the server without clan tags, then we will assume you dont want to be in the clan, so you will be kicked from clan.

7..Dissrespecting the server or players Instant Kick from server and possible ban for one week..

8. racism.. BAN!!!! even if you are clan..you will be kicked and banned from our server..

9. Aimbots or Wallhacks... Any player found to be cheating or using bots of any sort will be banned!!!!

all rules .you must have proof.. either screen shot..or another admin backing you up!! i cannot do anything without proof.

These are just a few rules to abide by...Admin please use your common sence in making this server run smoothly..
More rules can and will be added and these rules are subject to change..
have fun afterall this is why we play Very Happy
love 007 and goblin


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Server Rule's
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